Thursday, July 1, 2010

Tom Cruise: Esquire June 2010 Cover Star

Knight and Day star Tom Cruise covers Esquire Magazine June/July 2010 issue. Very handsome male celebrity, Tom Cruise is flaunting his big and pleasant smile on Magazine cover page. Tom Cruise talked about many things in this issue like on entertaining his family, on jumping on the couch on Oprah, on Katie Holmes and Suri Cruise.

Tom Cruise on Magazine cover page, keep it stylish in a Band of Outsiders shirt and Double RL jeans. Tom Cruise smiling face and many other pictures are featured in Esquire’s June “How to Be a Man” issue.

Check out some Highlights of Interview:

Tom Cruise on entertaining his family: “I’d create different characters and ad-lib sketches to make my sisters and my mother feel better. I’d try to make them laugh. I’d do Donald Duck as John Wayne. I’d watch Soul Train and imitate the dancers. I guess you can say that’s where it started. I always had a dream to be in movies, [my family] didn’t say, That’s impossible. They laughed.”

Tom Cruise on jumping on the couch on Oprah: “What happened, happened… I wanted the audience to be happy just like I wanted to make my sisters and my mother happy when I did those skits as a kid. But I’ll take responsibility for my actions… Afterward, wild things were being said about me, and once they’re in the ether, there’s nothing you can do about it. It felt like being the new kid in the schoolyard again and the other kids are whispering and whispering about you and suddenly you hear what they’re saying, and you think, What? That didn’t happen. Look at the reality of the situation.”

Tom Cruise on wife Katie: “Because we do live in a cynical world. It’s easy to be cynical. Making the choice not to be cynical is important. You can keep dwelling on what didn’t work, or you can figure out how to fix it. Which is what being a parent is all about. You know, I’m married to such a special woman. Every night before we go to sleep, Kate and I look at each other and it’s like, How’d we do today?”

Tom Cruise on daughter Suri Cruise: “It’s come full circle. Now I’ll put Suri on a swing and tell her stories when I’m working on a script. I’ll start with the beginning of the movie and take her through the story beat by beat. Of course, I make it age-appropriate. She’s four years old. But she asks all the right questions: Why does that happen? Those are the bad guys? You’re the good guy, right?”

For more check out Esquire Magazine June/July 2010 issue, hitting newsstands on June 1.



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