Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Ashley Greene Seventeen Mexico 2010

Translated article:

On working with
“I kept my prom dress for years until I joined the foundation and donated it. It’s amazing to see the girls’ eyes when you give ger a beautiful dress. It was because I got to interact with many of the girls afterwards, and I shared my experiences with them.

On her own prom:
“My prom was amazing! I bought my own outfit because my parents didn’t have the money for it. So I worked and saved the money for the dress, and I think that added some special value to it. I went with my High School boyfriend and had a great time. It was the fairy tale everyone talks about! It was a night I’ll remember forever”.

On her personal style.
“I wore a long golden dress with sequins. It had a pronounced cleavage, so mom told me ‘I know your dad and he will not let you leave the house like that!’. So she got me a pashmina to put over the dress”.

Her prom tips.
“Definitely plan ahead, because the ay of teh party you’ll be very nervous. Organizing before the big day helps a lot. When you pick your dress make sure it’s comfortable because you’ll be dancing in it all night. Be yourself and don’t try to copy other looks. Some girls worry so much about their hair and make up and end up overdoing it. Make sure you feel good with your choices, otherwise you’ll be thinking all night ‘Oh my God, what have I done?!”

The boyz talk about their proms:

Taylor: “I always saw these parties in movies and then all of a sudden I was on my own and thought, wow! I’m at my own prom! Mine was at a museum so it was great.”

Rob: (on filming the prom scene in Twilight) “It was amazing eventhough we did it at 2 am, and it was raining and freezing.”

Jackson: “Before my own prom I had worked at a DJ on 10 proms.”

Kellan: “Our theme was Casino. My friends and I gambled all night but I learned the lesson: girls don’t like that.”


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