Thursday, July 15, 2010

Head & Shoulders HAIR & SCALP

I Recieved this Set of  "Head & Shoulders HAIR & SCALP" from ELLE HK.... :D
I had to go to ELLE's office in Cyperport 3, it was so FAR  from T.S.T ...anyways i enjoyed it.
Here is another Close up picture of  the Hair and Scalp Set

洗髮乳(200ml) HK $39.9

潤髮乳(200ml) HK $39.9

密集滋潤髮膜(180ml) HK $59.9

頭皮頭髮按摩霜Hair SPA Cream(200g) HK $89.9


頭皮頭髮按摩霜Hair SPA Cream(200g)

Also knows as 1 Miniute Scalp Massage treatment !!

When i tried this treatment it felt like Mint, so cool on my head it was so relaxing  and the smell was very refreshing. This hair SPA treatment feels reallly relaxing. MUST TRY !!!

洗髮乳(200ml) Shampoo

潤髮乳(200ml) Conditioner
Head & Shoulders HAIR & SCALP , Is one of it's kind. All the other shampoo are for Hair Care ... while the fact is that Scalp is the root to Thick, Shiny and healthy hair.

I hope after using this shampoo several times my hair conditions improves.
Inchinese : 皮頭髮清新潔淨,為頭皮Spa做好準備。減少頭皮痕癢、出油、乾燥、頭皮屑等頭皮問題。沁新怡人的花果香,幫助舒緩情緒。

潤髮乳(200ml) Conditioner

Head & Shoulders HAIR & SCALP Conditioner is again MINt it feels soo cool and amazing in the summers !! i have long hair with little oily type, the smell was good while the moisture in the conditioner is average but can be great for normal hair type. This can be good for healing scalp and making hair shine .

Here is the 密集滋潤髮膜(180ml) Intensive moisturizing hair mask

This is good for the rough dry and damaged hair, for example the hair end.

I try this product on the end of my hair , there was a great difference in before and after. My hair is long so they always tangle after using the Scalp treatment hair quality have improved day by day !

                 BEFORE                                                              AFTER ...

At the end all i have to say is i am happy at least one Brand "Head & Shoulders HAIR & SCALP" is here to take care of our SCALP problems and give us shiny long healthy hair . :)

After using all the four products .... My hair has more life and shine :D they look and feel  healthy


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