Monday, January 18, 2010

The Best Beauty Resources


What Not To Wear: Watch amazing makeovers from your favorite foursome and learn how to make yourself over along the way with tips from the experts, like this one from makeup artist Carmindy: Use white sugar to exfoliate the skin on your face and body. Be sure to check out their shocking before and after galleries online -- they shouldn't be missed.

Ten Years Younger: Tune in to this TV show to learn how to make yourself look ... exactly as the title claims. Style expert Kyan Douglas hosts and Hollywood brow aficionado Damone Roberts offers great tips on how to carry the looks they create into your own lives. Roberts' suggestion for softer, more natural-looking brows? Use powder instead of pencil to fill them in.

Web sites: Created by legendary Hollywood makeup artist, Joe Blasco, this "channel" hosts a live stream of demos and interviews from the best in the makeup business. Learn tricks like this one from pro Dan Striepeke: For skin with large pores, use a beveled edge brush to apply foundation. The pointed tip will "fill" the pores quickly. This makeup artist to the stars has created a channel complete with video demonstrations of her favorite looks, as well as links to buy her self-branded products. She also shows step-by-step how to use her famous Icon palettes. One of Sawyer's key tricks: "Use a cream liner along upper lash lines and lightly in creases, then brush a powder shadow over top." Such a great way to intensify eye shadow colors! Interact with artists and watch pros like the fabulous Nadine Luke share tricks like this one about perfectly lining your lips: Sharpen a pencil, then flatten the sides by pinching the lead -- the new shape, which is no longer cone-like but has two hard edges, will allow you to get a precise line without dulling the tip. With over 15 hair categories to choose from, you'll find more inspiration than you'll know what to do with! Whether you're curious about what you'd look like with bangs, what kind of hair extensions you should look for, or styling ideas for formal events, you won't leave this site without a clear picture of what you want from your hair. Experts like hairstylist Mara Schiavetti let you in on hair secrets like how to create volume: Flip your head over and scrunch a beach-texture spray at your roots, then blow dry, still scrunching, and flip back upright. Log on to's sister site and virtually transform yourself in seconds. Upload your own photo, and then try on different hairstyles, hair colors and makeup looks. Print your photo and take your look to your salon to eliminate future hair disasters! Don't feel like making yourself over? Then brush up on your beauty knowledge with their great bank of makeup, skincare and hairstyling tips. Here's a sample: For shiny hair, eat foods rich in protein, like zinc and iron. A long-time resource for fashion advice, this site features a comprehensive gallery of runway shows including over 10,000 close-up images of hair and makeup trends. Plus great tips, like this one, from experts like hairstylist Guido Palau: To give shiny hair matte texture, sprinkle powder onto your strands and use your hands to work it down to your tips. From the creators of the best-selling products comes this informative Web site full of videos, tips and tricks including styling lessons and the science behind their product development. Click to watch how-tos for recreating cool hairstyles from celeb stylist Hallie Bowman. Check out these great hints about increasing the volume in your hair: Set your hair in Velcro rollers, then release them and spray your roots with regular hold hairspray and scrunch upward.



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