Friday, January 8, 2010

Akshay Kumar with beauties in L'Officiel January 2010

Many attempted it, only a few succeeded, while many others are still trying, hoping against hope that they will succeed someday or the other. We are talking about 'The Unravelling of Akshay Kumar', which, incidentally, also happens to be the subject of this issue of L'Officiel!

For those who wanted to know the 'real' Akki as compared to the 'reel' one, this issue definitely serves as one helluva' of a Bible! Well, Akki, in this free wheeling interview, speaks about the five things that he just cannot live without. Instead of playing a spoilsport, we shall be generous enough to mention three of them, which include Akki's mother, his son Aarav, wife Twinkle Khanna... and the rest of the two can be read in this glorious issue. Akshay, also talks about his idea of celebration, his take on fatherhood, his New Year resolutions, his attempts to save the planet, his take on those who rejected him during his struggling days etc...

All in all, as we said, this issue is a must-must buy this season and you know the reason...Akshay Kumar!


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