Friday, June 4, 2010

Get the Most Out of Your Makeup

5 Quick Ways to Get the Most Out of Your Makeup

1. Eyeshadow as blush. Not getting much usage out of some of your bright eyeshadows? Use them as a blush instead. Brighter colors like peach, orange, red, and pink look beautiful on the cheeks.

2. Eyeshadow as eye liner and vice versa. You can also use your eyeshadows as liner by using a eyeliner brush. It’s perfect for adding pops of color as well as making your shadows work double time.Eyeliner can also work as a great eyeshadow base.

3. Lipstick as creme blush. If you tried to go bold with this season’s new orange and you want to add more mileage to your tube, try rubbing a bit into your cheeks with your fingers for a lovely cream flush. Works with your red and pink lipsticks, too. Tone it down with a dusting of loose (or pressed) powder.

4. Use water to intensify your eyeshadows. If you bought a shadow (especially one from the drugstore) that doesn’t seem to stay put or looks a bit dull, try using a bit of water to apply it to help intensify the color. It also helps to make your shadow last longer.

5. Make lip color combos with your gloss, lipstick, and lip pencils. If there’s frosty lipstick in your stash that you cannot wear alone, try using a lip pencil and a touch of gloss to make it more wearable. You can actually have unlimited options with very few products.


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