Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beauty Myths: Fact or Fiction?

Myth: Chocolate makes you break out.

Fiction. Chocolate won't cause a breakout, but it is true that a poor diet can irritate your skin, so try to limit your chocolate cravings!

Myth: Cucumbers will help de-puff your eyes.

Fact. Cucumbers can do the trick — and so can anything that's cold and can be easily applied to your eyes. The coldness restricts blood vessels which reduces swelling and puffiness. Just make sure to limit the application to about five minutes for optimal results.
Myth: 8 hours sleep can help me lose weight.

Fact. Obviously we're not eating while we're sleeping, but in addition, not getting enough sleep can prevent us from burning as many calories as we should throughout the get back in bed and rest up!

Myth: Your cell phone can make you break out.

Fact. Okay this is gross, but...apparently cell phones are premiere breeding grounds for germs. Some experts say the average cell phone has more germs than toilet seats — yuck! Make sure you take a clean cloth to your cell phone screen every so often to help get rid of any breakout-causing germs!

Myth: Waxing or shaving will make my hair grow back thicker.

Fiction. Contrary to popular belief, shaving and waxing will not make hair grow back thicker. Actually the hair is a bit shorter than normal, therefore seeming thicker and coarser while longer hair appears more fine.

Myth: Pumping the mascara wand helps to apply mascara better.

Fiction. This is a big no-no as far as mascaras are concerned. The only thing you get when you pump the mascara wand is extra air and bubbles in the mascara tube which dries it out and decreases its lasting power. If your mascara is running low but it's not time to toss it, just slowly twist the brush as you remove it to pick up more of the product.

Myth: Sharing makeup with your friends is like trading germs.

Fact. As much as you'd love to try your friend's new lip gloss, makeup applicators and brushes pick up entirely too much bacteria. Just pick up your own makeup, and make sure the makeup stores you buy from clean the products they use to test on customers.

Myth: Popping a zit is fine if only done once in awhile.

Fiction. Please try your hardest to leave your skin alone — especially during a breakout! Messing with a zit will spread oil and bacteria to the clean parts of your skin. Plus, popping a zit will undoubtedly aggravate your pores and won't leave you with the fresh-looking skin you were after in the first place!
Myth: Obsessive face washing can eliminate acne.

Fiction. Over-washing your face will dry it out and remove natural oils, which will put your face into over-oil production mode. Stick to washing your face twice-daily, once in the morning and once at night.

Myth: Drinking tea can make my teeth look yellow.

Fact. Red and white wine, soda, tea, and coffee can all contribute to the yellowing of tooth enamel. If you just can't give up your morning tea or latte, try to sip through a straw when possible to minimize contact with your tooth enamel.

Myth: Drinking lots of water will keep my skin healthy.

Fact. Drinking water will definitely keep you hydrated and healthy and those benefits apply to your skin too! Next time you're craving a soda, reach for a tall glass of water instead — trust us, your skin will thank you!

Myth: The best place to apply perfume is on pulse points.

Fact. Applying perfume to pulse points is the best way to make your scent last all day. Fragrances react with heat, so spritz your perfume on your wrists or the back of your neck and you won't need to worry about re-applying.


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