Saturday, March 13, 2010

Beauty emergencies : Quick Tips

Beauty emergencies can be a very frustrating problem considering the fact that they always appear in the most inappropriate moments. A beauty emergency left unsolved is a sure way to ruin our day. However, solving these problems can be extremely easy if we know a few tips and tricks. Check out these quick beauty fixes!

  • If you are in a hurry to do your Make up, splash your face with cold water before applying make-up.The cold water will shrink the pores, tighten the skin, making it easier to apply make-up and preventing future disasters.
  • Cold water is also beneficial for your manicure. If you want the nail polish to dry faster let the nail polish dry a bit than put your fingernails in ice cold water to speed up the process.
  • If bubbles pop up in your polish dip the pad of your finger into nail polish remover and smooth over the bubbled area.
  • No time to brush your teeth after lunch? Carry an apple in your purse. An apple is not only a healthy, low-calorie snack but also an effective teeth whitener. Caffeinated drinks and teas and very acidic food as they are among the worst teeth stainers. Need an instant breath freshener? Try yogurt or citrus fruits.
  • Has a pimple appeared in the worst possible moment?Apply a little apple cider vinegar on it to balance the pH of your skin and then apply a yellow-based concealer with a lip brush to solve the problem. You can try to apply a mixture of a tablespoon of fresh lime juice to prevent the formation of blackheads and pimples.
  • What can you do if one of your false lashes is about to fall?If it's only partially detached you can add an extra coat of mascara to keep your false eyelash glued to your real one.
  • If are you having date and your hair is little greasy and you don't have time to wash your hair you could use a dry shampoo but this is not your only option. An inexpensive alternative is baby powder or talc powder.Rub it on your roots and shake the excess powder out.


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