Thursday, December 24, 2009

Tips for Oily Skin

Make up Tips for oily skin

To do make up on oily skin is not an easy job. In this type of skin make-up look patchy and not last too long. Those people who have oily skin use as little makeup as possible on your face or skin. Here are few tips

1. Foundation: Non-oily foundation is best option; Do not apply foundation with your fingers, use sponge or brush for it. Tips of the fingers often contain excess oil and it will only increase the oil issue which will affect your make up badly.

2. Oil control lotion: It is very good for oily skin and easy to apply. You can apply this lotion under your makeup also. Apply it on the oily areas of your face and blend outward properly. It is very useful to control shine and provides a matte finish. It can really work well for your makeup on oily skin.

3. Face powder: Powder is very useful to absorb oil from your skin and help foundation to fix on your skin for long time. If you don’t like powder then apply only for those areas which require it essentially, such as the nose, forehead and chin. Powder is very imperative for oily skin to achieve a flawless result.

Here are few home treatments:

a. Take 4 drops ice water and 6 drops of rose water and mix them properly. Apply on your face and leave it until dry, then wash with water. It will help to control oil and make you feel fresh.

b. Mix one drop of apple juice with 5 drops of lime juice and apply this mixture on your face then leave it for 15 minutes. Wash your face with cold water. It is very good for oily skin.

c. Wash your face with cold water as many times as possible in a day. You can also mix mint juice with rose water and apply on your face then leave it for 10 minutes. Wash your face with cold water.

Other Tips :

1. Cleanse only twice a day. : never over-wash oily skin, Twice a day is usually enough. Too much washing will stimulate your skin to produce more oil.

2. If shine still slips through, use blotting paper to remove excess oil

3. Make sure all your products, including your make-up are oil free.

4. Cut down on fast food. Studies show that the Iodine in fast food can contribute to blemishes on oily skin.

5. If you get painful red pimples, a little lavender oil dabbed on the skin will help reduce inflammation in minutes. In emergencies, whiteheads can be dried out with toothpaste.

Your 5 Key Products should be

Foaming Cleanser
Oil-Free moisturizer
Clay mask
Blotting papers
Blemish stick


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