Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Simple Tips

These are very simple tips. You don’t need to do any hassle to have these tips and enjoy the beauty at affordable cost.

Shiny & Strong Hairs

To make your hair shiny and strong, after taking a shower apply olive oil into damp hair. It will make your hair shiny and much stronger.

Eye Makeup

Use foundation on your eyelids before applying eye shadow. It helps the eye shadow stay on longer.

acne prone skin

Use a gentle soap like Dove for acne prone skin. It makes your skin a lot less oily because its PH balanced.

Clay Mask

A Clay Mask works wonders on oily skin!

eyelash curler

Use a hair dryer for a few seconds on your eyelash curler.

remove stubborn eye makeup

Use petroleum jelly or cold cream to remove stubborn eye makeup. its cheap and it works (even on waterproof mascara).

blotting oily skin

Instead of buying expensive oil blotter papers, buy a box of perm papers. Very cheap and works great for blotting oily skin.

reduce redness

Spray your face with cold water or stand with your head in the air from the freezer for a few moments to reduce redness.


Never, ever go to sleep without washing off your make-

Soft And Silky

For a deep, moisturizing skin treatment apply olive oil to your skin once a week. Let it soak in while you take a steamy shower, and blot out the excess with a tissue.


Women who wear make-up should carry out a routine of cleansing, toning and moisturing each evening, as well as washing the face in the morning. Cleansing will remove old make-up and the grime and grease that have been accumulated during the day.


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