Friday, May 21, 2010

What Does Your Hair Say About You

It may sound discriminating, but like it or not, certain hairstyles and even hair colors can positively or negatively influence the way you are perceived in the workplace.

Pixie: Confident, willing to take risks, edgy

Bob: Structured, approachable, focused

Long Waves: Confidence fused with sensuality, sometimes a bohemian spirit. Could also be used to hide behind.

Gray Hair: Independent thinking, comfortable with who they are

Bold Hair Color or Style: Non-conformist, artistic

"Blonde involves a dramatic spectrum of perception depending on what kind of blonde you are"A natural looking blonde (like Gwyneth Paltrow), appears poised, healthy, youthful and confident. A bleach blonde, on the other hand, can be very edgy and artsy or go as far as to not be taken seriously, like the dumb blonde."

"Brunettes tend to be perceived as grounded and stable. There is actually an Allure magazine statistic that says 76% of women think the first women president will be brunette,". Interesting, right?

Redheads can be perceived in different ways. "They can be the fiery hothead or the vulnerable, sweet girl."

No matter what style you choose, it pays to put effort towards your hair.


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